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Fandom year 2015

2015 is ending so let's recap this year in my fandoms.

2,5 years with Kanjani8 and they continue being my #1.
This year was great. First of all they got 2 new shows: Kanjani8 Chronicle, which I absolutely looooooove! Second show was Kanjam, which started as promising show, but lately I'm quite disappointed. I like the fact Eito got a music show, where they can collab with legends or stars of current japanese music scene. But I'm sad, they started inviting comedians and other "non-music" related people on this show. It started as a serious music show and now it's just another variety show with a jam session at the end. :( Hopefully, TV Asahi realizes this is not a good thing and they'll change it back to the original thing - even if the ratings won't be the best.
And what about the music this year? I've got so many Eito band stuff, yay!:D Even Yoko and Hina got more spotlight with the trumpet and the piano, I can't be happier :D
All I need from Eito in 2016 is a worldwide tour with a concert in my country :D

It's no secret I have a love/hate relationship with AKB48 so I'm not amused with every thing they do. For example it's been 3 years since I liked every single AKB released. But, this year Aki-P got good song-writers, with Bokutachi wa tatakawanai being my favourite release of the year and the music video is probably my all-time favourite AKB PV. Girl power yes! My love for AKB was peeking with all the good single releases this year and I couldn't wait to see what the managment will come up with next year... and then they announced the first release of 2016 will feature graduated members as centers. Which is basically a big "f*ck you" to all current members, who are working hard to get to senbatsu AND the worst kind of dealing with the fact AKB are losing popularity and the sales.
Instead of trying something new, experimenting with more concepts, but losing bit of money, the managment is like "let's get those old aces to save our asses!" I reaaaaaaally hope the upcoming single will sell even less than Kuchibiru ni be my baby.

NMB48 continues being a stable group. Not much to say, they experiment with centers, releases and I like it. Also Sayanee continues being the queen of Kansai and I really hope she will become queen of AKB one day :D

And then we have Nogizaka46, which basically owned this year. Great releases, gaining lots of popularity and me fangirling over their beauty every time they appeared on tv, but I'm still keeping my cool and I decided to not get emotionally invested in this group, since I'm already busy with current fandoms and I don't need any more :D I'm wishing Nogi the best in 2016 and I'm looking forward to their music releases since Inochi wa utsukushii is my favourite song released this year by a female idol group. :)

This year I signed my soul to another group: Johnny's WEST
Now these 7 people almost overcame Eito on the list of my favourite group this year :D I'm saying this just so you can portrait how deep I got into them at the beginning. :D It was like a lightning striking out of a blue sky. I watched their Naniwa Zamurai DVD, because I was bored and BAM I WAS IN LOVE! And then they appeared on VS Arashi and I was sold. I'm telling you, if Kanjani8 didn't released Tsuyoku tsuyoku tsuyoku single, I would totally switch to this group. So.. as of now they're my #2 and I can't be happier. :D

Unfortunately this year I more or less said goodbye to ONE OK ROCK and Arashi. I still check their new releases, but I'm not interested in them anymore...

As for the movies, dramas and anime my goal to watch all classics both from Japan and West, but hah, I failed miserably! I still haven't finished 2 anime and 1 drama I started watching this year xD
Hopefully I'll be a better person next :D

This year was nice in both personal and fandom year, so I'm quite scared what bad things will happen in 2016 xD

And how was your fandom life in 2015? :)


so far so...... good?

Uni is... nothing extra.
Some classes are interesting, some not.
Japanese grammar is hard, but I'm not giving up yet.
At this point I don't know if I pass the first semester, because of one class, but I'll try my best.

Meanwhile Kanjani's album is amazing! Sasuga eito ♥

Uni life - day 8

I'm ending second week at uni. I have one more class tomorrow which I'll skip, because I have appointment at the doctor tomorrow in my town, thus I'm leaving the dorm today. Basically I get 3-day weekend, yay.
Anyway, I'm getting used to my student life. I still fear the library, I still haven't talked to any of my classmates, I'm still all alone here, but that loneliness feel isn't as bad as last week.

This week I caught a little cold, which turned me into no make-up red nose ugly girl attending classes, I felt like everyone was staring at me and the fact, I got nosebleed in one of my classes didn't helped me to not stand out in the crowd. Phew, embarrassing!
The next day I was walking to school, when I got another nosebleed. This time it weren't weird looks of my classmates, now I got strangers as well.
Well... If I saw a girl walking the street, with one hand full of tissues covered in blood and second hand covering nose with another tissue covered in blood, I would probably stare too. This little happening lead to me spending 20 minutese at the ladies toilet trying to stop my nose from bleeding. Ths whole thing caused missing out bit of my Japanese literature class.

Today I feel much better, so yay.

This week was good, because my roommates were not here. 2 days of freedom and one room for myself \:D/

Anyway, yesterday I realized I should start learning, so I'm going to dedicate the weekend to practicing katakana and reading books for my classes. Somewhere in between I have to watch janiben, kanjani chronicles and jwest's doyoru no mosouzoku. :D

I guess maintaining school and fandoms will be hard, but I'll do my best :D


Uni life - day 2&3

3rd day here is ending and I feel so bored I'm thinking of learning already. Nothing is happening here.
3 of my classes ended earlier and tomorrow my only class is canceled. Wish I could go home already, but I can't since I have class on Friday too oTL

I'm going to die from boredom tomorrow. I have two things to do, but I know I will be finished in a hour. *sigh*

I met two my friends from school days today, which was nice, but overall I feel so alone here. I can't bring myself to talk to anyone.
Bet my roommate already thinks I'm a weirdo... well... I'm.

I can't even surf the internet that much, because this dorm has rule of 10gb per user per week. I'm already almost at 5GB and Friday is too far. D:

Maybe I could go to the library and read a book? Hm, maybe I'll go.

Also few weeks ago I subscribed to Johnny's web, but the Wi-Fi doesn't work on my phone, so I can't read them until I go home. This is the worst!!!!!

I want to go home oTL


Uni life - day 1

So today I started my uni life for real with classes and stuff. :D

Today's classes were Japanese and Japanese culture.
In Japanese we started with some basic info about this class and the professor told some unhappy news: since the students are forgetting katakana too much, the first 3 classes will be all about katakana. I don't like katakana, so you can see my problem, but since I already know it, hopefully I won't have too many problems.
Second class was Japanese culture. Again we got some basic instruction about how this class will be and stuff.
Both classes were supposed to be 2hrs long, but in both cases we went home after 1 hour :D
Wow, so different from high school, where we had to almost sacrifice our souls in sake of leaving 2hr long class 15 minutes before the end :D

In between classes I went to order lunch for tomorrow at school's cafeteria (or how it is called in english. In my language we call it 'menza'). Going to the lunch for the first time, I'm nervous >< I'm not good with eating in public, but it can't be helped!

As for my social life, I haven't talked to my classmates yet and if they don't start the conversation, I don't think I'm going to have friends here :D Well, I'm awkward and scared of people, so it might seem like I'm pain in the ass to talk too.

The best news is that I'm not homesick (yet), but I'm kinda worried about my mom. She was sad, that I'm leaving her home alone, but the thing is I wrote her email yesterday and still got no reply! I don't know what to think about it. Is she that busy? Or is she OK? Dunno.

I have two classes tomorrow as well and also some stuff to do, so hopefully everything will be OK.



Uni life - day 0

From now on I'm going to use this lj as a diary. After two fails I finally made it to the university, where I'm going to study Japanese philology and I shall document this historic moment.
To be honest, I still don't have any idea what I want to do with my life, but who knows, maybe this uni will lead me to my beautiful future :D

So today after 2 and a half hours I made it to the dormitory. I already visited it on Tuesday to get mentally prepared and to be honest, it's quite meh. I'm not happy about the fact I have to share a room with 2 other people and sharing a bath and a toilet with 6 people, but I guess it can't be helped. Or most likely I had no other option left.
I still haven't met my second roommate and the first one is learning since the moment, so far so good xD

I also went to buy some food. There's huge shopping centre 5min walk away from the dorm. Nice from the outside, full of clothes and fast food inside. I don't like shopping centres.. Maybe because I'm from small town and we don't have one there or it's because I'm not fan of shopping in general.

Then I headed back to the dorm and since them I'm sitting here, waiting for tomorrow :D
There's welcome party specially for the jap philology freshmen, but I don't feel like going. First, I'm tired and second, it's too far. Also I'm socially awkward and I don't really like people ha.

Right now I'm trying to figure out, where will my classes be, but I can't find any hints... But I'm not giving up! I will find it for sure :D

This is all for now.

See you :)


some thoughts at midnight

Where I live is midnight and I cant sleep so I'm thinking about my life.
It's been 2 years since I graduated from high school and after two years of dark times I was finally accepted to the university I was dying to study at.
I failed two entrance exams so the fact I finally made it, feels unreal.

The past 2 years I spent at home gave me lot of experience and I think it made me a lot stronger, but also made me realize how weak I'm. I have difficulties being an responsible adult, so I kinda fear the life lessons my university life will teach me, but I can't avoid them, so I gotta fight!

I think I'll update this journal a lot more, filling with my thoughts and stories from my college life. Hopefully I'm not going to be too busy to update this page + follow my three main fandoms.

That's all for now.

See you later, bye.

Mar. 20th, 2015

Spring is coming and I'm more willing to listen to 48GROUPS & JE songs.

Ah~ j-pop is so addicting.

Important announcement

I... I think I fell in love with Johnny's WEST.

It's true I've been paying attention to them since the announcement of their debut, but I wasn't hooked enough to remember their names.

But this changed two days ago, when I watched their stage play called Naniwa Zamurai and today's VS Arashi confirmed the feels that were born for them :D

And second important announcement: Nonchan is too cute I'm dying xD
This is the second time I ordered something from the internet. Second time I will have to pay customs and the post for the services&tax. I wouldn't be this mad, if the prices were not this high.

I'm sorry, but if supporting your favourite artist means to pay unholy money to the post, that can't even work smoothly and without any problems, then I'll continue waiting for leaks, dvd rips, ...