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Uni life - day 2&3

3rd day here is ending and I feel so bored I'm thinking of learning already. Nothing is happening here.
3 of my classes ended earlier and tomorrow my only class is canceled. Wish I could go home already, but I can't since I have class on Friday too oTL

I'm going to die from boredom tomorrow. I have two things to do, but I know I will be finished in a hour. *sigh*

I met two my friends from school days today, which was nice, but overall I feel so alone here. I can't bring myself to talk to anyone.
Bet my roommate already thinks I'm a weirdo... well... I'm.

I can't even surf the internet that much, because this dorm has rule of 10gb per user per week. I'm already almost at 5GB and Friday is too far. D:

Maybe I could go to the library and read a book? Hm, maybe I'll go.

Also few weeks ago I subscribed to Johnny's web, but the Wi-Fi doesn't work on my phone, so I can't read them until I go home. This is the worst!!!!!

I want to go home oTL


some thoughts at midnight

Where I live is midnight and I cant sleep so I'm thinking about my life.
It's been 2 years since I graduated from high school and after two years of dark times I was finally accepted to the university I was dying to study at.
I failed two entrance exams so the fact I finally made it, feels unreal.

The past 2 years I spent at home gave me lot of experience and I think it made me a lot stronger, but also made me realize how weak I'm. I have difficulties being an responsible adult, so I kinda fear the life lessons my university life will teach me, but I can't avoid them, so I gotta fight!

I think I'll update this journal a lot more, filling with my thoughts and stories from my college life. Hopefully I'm not going to be too busy to update this page + follow my three main fandoms.

That's all for now.

See you later, bye.

Mar. 20th, 2015

Spring is coming and I'm more willing to listen to 48GROUPS & JE songs.

Ah~ j-pop is so addicting.

Important announcement

I... I think I fell in love with Johnny's WEST.

It's true I've been paying attention to them since the announcement of their debut, but I wasn't hooked enough to remember their names.

But this changed two days ago, when I watched their stage play called Naniwa Zamurai and today's VS Arashi confirmed the feels that were born for them :D

And second important announcement: Nonchan is too cute I'm dying xD
This is the second time I ordered something from the internet. Second time I will have to pay customs and the post for the services&tax. I wouldn't be this mad, if the prices were not this high.

I'm sorry, but if supporting your favourite artist means to pay unholy money to the post, that can't even work smoothly and without any problems, then I'll continue waiting for leaks, dvd rips, ...


2014 in my fandom life

I decided to look back at this year in my fandoms. Since for me music is everything, I'll write about favourite groups and how they did this year with their releases, concerts, ...

OneRepublic & Linkin Park
I've been sucked up in the J-music so much, that my knowledge about western music is basically none, but since I've been growing up with these two groups, I don't have the heart to just not follow them anymore.
For OneRepublic 2014 looked like a great year. They released some more music videos and it looks like they became liked by public a lot more. Yay! They also did 2 european tours this year and I could attend the first tour in February. It was amazing. Not only they do great music, Ryan Tedder is an awesome performer. I've heard they're planning to release new album maybe at the end of this year and honestly, I can't already wait.
Linkin Park released new album this year and it sounds a little bit different than the previous release, Living Things. And to be honest, I liked this release a lot. It was more rock-ish, each song has inspiring and interesting lyrics. At this point, I don't even want LP to go back to their sound from Meteora or Hybrid Theory. They also did tours this year too and ofc they forgot to come to my country... *sigh*

AKB48 and the sister groups
With favourite members graduating one after another, I'm asking myself, why I still follow this group.
AKB48's cd releases this year were weak. It feels like Aki-P doesn't care about the quality of the songs anymore. The only single I liked was Mae shika mukanee. As for the couplings out of all singles I liked only 7 couplings. The album Tsugi no Ashiato had some nice songs too, but honestly it's nothing compared to 1830m album.
Out of all 48G's releases only SKE48's Bukiyou Taiyou really got me.
I feel sad, when I see how the managment is ruining every chance for AKB to become a better group and with Takamina graduation, I don't think it will be any better.

Constant year for Arashi. They released 3 singles, 1 album and had anniversary concert in Hawaii. I don't think anyone can stop Arashi from being ruling the music&tv industry. Personally, I'm starting to question myself why are Arashi so popular. When I got in this fandom I was one of those fangirls, that was dying every moment Arashi smiled at the camera, but now it doesn't work for me. It feels like Arashi itself don't have any sparks, it's only the lip-service of tv shows and constant push from the JE managment, that makes them popular. As for the music. GUTS! is a great song and The Digitalian is a good album, but that's it.

My main fandom in 2014. I fell for this group too hard, that I actually hate it, because I feel like I can't see the bad sides of the group anymore. And I know every group has them. The biggest shock for me was the start of their own indie label. I'm still not convienced it was a good idea, but let's see what they will prepare for 2015. Let's talk about the cd releases. Two words: TOO MANY. 6 singles, 1 album and 2 LIVE DVDS. Kanjani8 were the 3rd best selling artist this year and I wonder if they were aiming for this award or what was the reason for so many releases. Basically every single became a theme song for something, which is not bad thing, but I can hear the cries of fangirl's wallets.... Hope there will be less releases in 2015, but in better quality.

十祭 cover

I preordered Jussai. I was waiting in excitement for the dvd cover, imagining what it can be like, since so far all the dvd covers were awesome, and then this showed up on Infinity records official page and I was disappointed.
Bez názvu

Did the record label run out of money with all those releases? Out of all colours, why pink?

In addition I'm also scared what the customs will say about my package, because although last time I requested to mark my JUKE BOX DVD package as gift, Cdjapan still didn't do it and I had to pay about 500CZK(tax + clo + post service), so I'm really scared they will forget again.

What still keeps me in good mood is the fact, the Jussai itself was a good concert from what I've read in the reviews and from what I saw in news on TV and I can't wait to see it :)


So here I am.

I had this lj for more than a year now and to be honest I've never really thought about using it in any other way, than just being able to access the subbing communities(I'm awful, huh xD), but the more I come across different lj's the more I wanted to try having this kind of blog too.

My dream is to have a subbing/translating lj, but I already know this won't happen. Reason? Still not good at the language(read Japanese) I want to translate stuff from.

So I decided to have this kind of opinion blog about stuff I like, things around me, ...

That's all from me know. I can't guarantee anything at the moment, but I'll try my best.